The best way to contact us is by contacting us on our Contact us page on our website.  The form is interactive, and will ask the information we need to fast track your enquiry.  We can then get the right team member to assist you with your particular query.

All you need to do is;

1. Click on this link (this will take you to our website)

2. Complete your contact details

3. Select whether you are a current or new member

4. Include your membership number if you are a current member 

5. Give us a bit of detail.

We also have a Knowledge Base which can answer most of your questions. You can search the knowledge base yourself or ask Betty Bot (our online web robot) your question by clicking on this icon;

Should Betty Bot not be able to answer your question, you can convert your query into a ticket. This ticket will feed into our Inbox where our Agents will then attend to it. 

To create a ticket of your enquiry/question all you need to do is click "Create Ticket" when Betty Bot (our online web robot) gives you the option. Please see below,
You are also welcome to re-phrase your question, which might make it a bit easier for Betty Bot to find the correct answer for you.