The ICBA will unfortunately no longer accept new applications or renewals. This is due to the ICBA closing down as a Professional Body at the end of December 2021. This decision has been taken due to the economic climate, the impact of COVID-19 and various regulatory restrictions in South Africa.  

This in no way affects the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), who is an Independent Examinations Body with whom we have been closely associated. The ICB will continue as it has been for the past 90 years.

You are strongly encouraged to consider joining other Professional Bodies in the sector;

  1. SAIBA (South African Institute of Business Accountants) -
  2. SAIT (South African Institute of Taxation) -
  3. IAAP (International Association of Accounting Professionals) -
  4. IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers) -


Should you be a current member for 2021, you will be still be able to use the ICBA member benefits and designations until the end of December 2021, including reduced webinar fees. The planned webinars will also continue until the beginning of December.

Current members can continue to request membership certificate prints by submitting their detail and making the payment via the online option on the website; click here to access.